Saturday, November 6, 2010


As the season grows cold and our heaters start to crank, we watch in wonder as the magical JOSEPH RILEY of resident company, The Brainsurgeon Theater turns our back theater into a forest full of trees, moss and magic.  Joseph has created over 10 sets for various shows at the Prop Thtr in the last years and he has upped the standard immensely and taught us all how far you can go without either demanding disproportionate budgets or sacrificing the play for the design.  This may be his most ambitious project here yet, I urge all to come take a look and enjoy Part 2 of "And He Flew Over The Forest"   Brain Surgeon Theater 

November 13th will be a very special "Wild Party Variety Hour" as Silent Theatre Company pulls out some of the great hits of their past, an evening to get a taste of who they are - especially for those who have missed some of their great full shows.  This is a very special opportunity: Silent Theatre's Variety Hour

New Plays get their days at Prop in November:  "1001 Dates" at 2pm on 11/7, Babes with Blades reading on 11/13 at 1pm and our dear longtime residents Factory Theatre read next season's "Easy Six" at 7pm on 11/23 ...

Speaking of Factory Theater, all month long and into December they will be playing "Jenni and Jenny" which is sure to be very fun indeed. Factory Theatre

Prop Thtr will be traveling to Denver for the National Showcase of New Plays for the National New Play Network the first weekend of December.  We are also preparing our spring Blockbuster "No Roosters In The Desert" by Kara Hartzler which Tanya Saracho will direct as part of a cooperative rolling world premier with Borderlands Theater in Tuscon, Arizona and El Circulo Teatro in Mexico City.    

Look out, in December, for a performance by Association House's "After School Matters" Voces Anxiosas program, directed by Luis Crespo (who was also featured in our fall show: "Debris Of The Prophet" at Prop Thtr and Truman College) and watch out for a musical benefit as the holidays bust in...

Speaking of musical benefits, watch out for our dear friend Beau O'Reilly's TWO benefits at the SAIC ballroom Nov 14th and at ESS Dec 5th  - And visit Jenny Magnus at the Museum of Contemporary Art, noon - 1pm every weekday but Monday, part of a year long residency Curious Theatre

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 6, 2010

A quietly auspicious week for our Prop Thtr.  On the one hand, as far away as Mexico City and Tuscon, Arizona, decisions and plans we have made are a part of a new play making quite a name for itself "Arizona; No Roosters in the Desert" by Kara Hartzler, which we supported and lobbyed for at the National New Play Network is now having its second of three openings and our director, Tanya Saracho, is out in Tuscon to be a part of their opening and to begin preparing for our opening at Prop Thtr in April 2011.  A mix of adventurous play selection, participation and alliances on a national level and consultation with the segment of Chicago population about whom the experiences of the play refer, is leading us toward a very exciting American play, that cannot be stopped at any false or trivial borders!
Speaking of not being stopped, "Debris of the Prophet" by Paul Carr, which is enjoying a current run at the 3502 Prop Thtr till October 9th, has overcome the resistance of some within the upper reaches of our city colleges and, with patience and diplomacy - the play will have an extended run for three weeks at Truman College.  This opens up a new cooperation and a new venue for us in one of Chicago's most interesting neighbourhoods: Uptown.  Working with the Chicago City Colleges as their guest and bringing a play about freedom of expression to a diverse student body. 
Also Prop Thtr congratulates Scott Barsotti, whose current play, "Jet Black Cadillac" is part of the team of Curious Theater Branch plays, along with "The Flowers Are Dead" by Matt Rieger, on the 3504 side of Prop Thtr, and who is opening a play at the Richard Christiansen Theater with Route 66: "McMeekin Finds Out" And we also welcome the Cock and Bull Theater for their first appearance at Prop Thtr with "Axe Lizzy and The Possession of Alice Von Truskin" and we welcome back Tekki Lomnicki and Tellin' Tales Theatre with "Six Stories Up on Ellis Island"  WHAT AN OCTOBER!