Artistic Director

Although functioning in one capacity or another for thirty years now, our current home since 2004 allows an additional function to the Artistic Director, even demands it.  That is to create a relationship between performances.  With two spaces, we perform at the same time, we have multiple performances in a week and the more there is intention or at least connection, the less our variety turns into cacophony.

This page, then, serves as a little adjunct: a place to bolster the fabric of our schedule and our plans.  

Our current featured production, "Debris of the Prophet" by Paul Carr, running until October 9th at our 3502 theater and then moving to Novar Hall in Truman College until the end of October, is a Chicago play - following on the string of plays Prop has done that feature Chicago - like "Hizzoner", "Never Come Morning", "Busted City", "1001 Afternoon in Chicago" and "Saint Joan of the Stockyards".  It is also the second play we have done by and with Paul Carr, which speaks to our intention of continued work with chosen playwrights over time. It is a play which attempts to provoke politically, spur discussion, which is part of our long term intentions.  Theatrically it allows us to speak to a current genre, the cartoon, which I hold to be very influential upon our perceptions in this age.  It was a particular joy for me, in our rehearsals, to explore what it meant to turn stage interaction and performance into staged cartoon, as the second act requires. 

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