Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: big season launches 4th decade!

A season so phenomenal we think you should not miss any part of it!  We open, as we have done for a number of years now, on January 13th, yes Friday!, with the 24th annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival curated by Curious Theatre Branch.  Chicago's oldest fringe festival brings you over 30 shows - solo, ensemble, plays, music - Thursday through Monday for five thrilling and packed weeks

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And when the Rhino Fest is over, February 12th - the weekend immediately following Prop Thtr opens a very special co-production with Practical Theatre veteran Rush Pearson:

adapted from a story by Nikolai Gogol
opening February 17th, playing Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 3pm four weeks only! 

The "Diary" is the record of a gradual invasion of its writer's mind by delusions of grandeur.  In this adaptation, Rush Pearson is the madman and we are his diary. A masterwork of immediate theater, developed by this, one of Prop Thtr's favorite theater artists, over many years and numerous venues.

Late Nights will feature Lupe Sanchez and The Taco Flavored Eggrolls in their new revue: "IT TAKES JUAN TO KNOW WONG (A Colored Commentary)  Fridays at 10:30pm through April 6th and in his original play "Porque No ComesSaturdays at 10:30 through March 24th

Following these Prop Thtr Artistic Director Stefan Brün will direct another in his series of productions of the plays of Bertolt Brecht,
"Drumming In The Night"

Written as the dust of World War One kicked up the German revolutions of 1918, this is the very first of Brecht's plays to have received professional production and attention.  Following a Soldier who returns home, unwelcomed and no longer wanted, to the convulsions of revolution: 
 Opening March 23rd and playing Fridays and Saturdays 8pm, Sundays at 3pm
 Featuring the New Prop Thtr Ensemble!

"My flesh should putrefy in the gutter so that your idea gets into heaven? Are you all drunk?"       

"Mein Fleisch soll im Rinnstein verwesen, dass eure Idee in den Himmel kommt? Seid ihr besoffen?"


(Watch this space for a running dramaturgical journal of this production; for details of the rest of this incredible season, including: 

"The Feast" by Tony Fiorentino

 "Music Mad, How Chief O'Neill saved the Soul of Ireland" by Adam Bernard Whiteman

"Innervation Dance Company"

"Mass Murders"   .....and much more!