Monday, January 17, 2011


So Rhinofest, the 22nd is upon us.  Much truly groundbreaking credible, yet incredible, work as well as wonderful invocations of Gertrude Stein, Samuel Beckett and Ernest Hemingway.  See where the future of performance is now.  Many people ask, avoiding more interesting questions, why the festival was named after the tough skinned animal of the logo.  Actually it was not.  Rhinocerific is a word for something large and, perhaps, ungainly.  The Fest is slightly less ungainly this year and last, as it has found a home at the Prop Thtr where much can go on without having to travel between campuses, without confusion and that queasy on-tour feeling for performers.  There are shows every day Thursday - Monday.  The total is dizzying but each show is truly worth a visit.  Our favourite athletic event:  The Test Fest Pass:  Follow all the shows including Matt Test, he lends his formidable talent to much this fest, more the better.

 On a musical note, come see South Sol, featuring Capoiera, on Saturday the 22nd late-night and visit our sibling, The Viaduct Theater, for "Prine:  A Tribute Concert" a wonderful evening made of the songs of John Prine.  In March look out for a new play by Beau O'Reilly and at the end of April we open "Arizona:  No Roosters In The Desert" by Kara Hartzler, a rolling world premier in cooperation with the National New Play Network  - directed here in Chicago by Tanya Saracho.  Look for new productions also from our dearest residents, The Factory Theater: "Easy Six", which leads us to say, " That ol' Factory Theater smells good.

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